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ECOMAX Dry Body Brush Small

ECOMAX Dry Body Brush Small

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Body brushing provides a gentle body exfoliation that can also help stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation.  Made from 100% natural sisal fibres, the small body brush fits comfortably into your hand for gentle body brushing before showering or bathing.


Use the brush by starting at your feet and brushing in an upwards direction.  Head over to these great FAQs for a guide on how to start body brushing.

You can use your dry body brush 2-3 times a week.  Over time, it will collect dry skin cells so wash it thoroughly and place in the sun to dry.  Don't leave your brush sitting in the shower or anywhere it will stay damp for a long period of time - it's best if it stays dry!


Made in Sri Lanka and endorsed by the Fair Trade Association of Australia.